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Lime green lab created* graduated turquoise, yellow Ashanti beads, and Mali silver bead graduated size necklace. Handmade Mali silver beads are made by silver artisans. This necklace is a timeless signature piece of jewelry, add beautiful pop of color to your life.

Lime Turquoise Ashanti Mali Silver Neckalce

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  • Crafted in Minnesota

    *This Lime Green Lab Created Turquoise are grown in a laboratory but are identical chemically, physically and optically to natural gems. Lime green turquoise is very rare and expensive, purchasing lab created turquoise is a affordable and sustainable way to wear this beautiful stone.

    Some color variation occurs in all turquoise, the necklace you purchase may have visual differences to those pictured.

    See Jewelry Care section on for cleaning and care instructions.

    Original designs copyrighted by Nizhóní Jewelry Design

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