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Vintage Morenci Turquoise, aqua blue green square stones with pyrite matrix. Juniper berry seeds have strong significance in Diné culture. These seeds are handpicked and fire dried make beads. Meant to protect the wearer from negative or bad energy and bring peace and harmony.


Original designs copyrighted by Nizhóní Jewelry Design

Morenci Turquoise and Cedar Bead Teardrop Earrings

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  • Size: 2" long

    Crafted in the Minnesota, Made with sterling silver French earring hooks, stainless steel rondelle beads and with sustainably and ethically sourced turquoise and juniper berry seads sourced from Navajo Nation.

    Some color variation occurs in all turquoise, the earrings you purchase will have visual differences to those pictured.

    See Jewelry Care section on nizhonij for cleaning and care instructions.

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